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TWIG 3 is the Springboro branch of the Auxiliary of Dayton Children's Hospital. We usually have between 10 - 15

members of all ages and backgrounds. Our membership is open, and we are happy to welcome new members!

2023 Officers

  • President - Amanda Elias

  • Vice President - Traci Mills 

  • Treasurer - Jan Turkelson

  • Secretary - Cathie Coppedge

     Terrific Women in Giving - TWIGs, the auxiliary of Dayton Children's Hospital, was founded in 1965. TWIG chapters have played an important role in helping Dayton Children's provide quality care for children throughout the region. Today, Dayton Children's is supported by 17 TWIG chapters that total over 240 members. Each TWIG group hosts fundraising events throughout the year and provide numerous in-service volunteer hours at Dayton Children's. Since 1965, TWIGs have raised over $10 million for Dayton Children's.

   The hospital has become acutely aware of the need for a regional approach to caring for those high-risk children at risk of harming themselves or others.  In

addition to a regional behavioral crisis center adjacent to the emergency department, Dayton Children's has established a 24-bed inpatient mental health unit.  It includes a dedicated specialty care team, a safe care environment, child friendly features, and connection to community-based services.  This will allow for needed stabilization for the children who will be connected for follow-up care.  The TWIG Auxiliary has pledge a new goal of $1M over the next 4 years to help support and grow these transformed behavioral health services.  

   With suicide being the number 2 cause of death in kids ages 10-19 (Locally it is the #1 cause of death for children ages 10-14), it is more important than ever to be proactive in the care we can provide to ensure the kids in our community have the resources and support needed to manage their stressors and emotional health during these unprecedented times.

   In January 2023, the TWIG Auxiliary presented Dayton Children's with a check for $310,000 from fundraising projects that took place throughout 2022 which initiated a new 4 year fundraising campaign to help support mental and behavioral health.

   There are many TWIG groups, or "branches", of the Auxiliary throughout the Greater Dayton Area. Each of these TWIG groups is responsible for producing its own fundraising projects as well as supporting the larger fundraising projects organized by the Auxiliary. 

   The Auxiliary has several yearly fundraisers that it sponsors: Sugarplum Festival of Trees (November) and a Gem City golf tournament (August)



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